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Operation mode of instrument industry

major industrial powers in the world have their high-level instrument industry. In order to become an industrialized country sooner or later, how to develop its instrument industry is a very important topic

the major industrial powers in the world have their high-level instrument industry. In order to become an industrialized country sooner or later, how to develop its instrument industry is a very important topic

based on the sources of capital and technology, there are no more than two modes to develop the instrument industry in the world: first, domestic capital and technology, and second, foreign capital and its technology. Industrial developed countries are generally the first mode, while developing countries are often the second mode due to limited conditions. A typical example is Singapore

which path should China take to become a country with developed instrument industry, and whether to adopt a model is a problem worthy of serious study. As a Chinese instrument and meter industry with relative research, you are welcome to discuss with us whether China's instrument and meter industry, which is based on the scale of the industry, can embark on a road of prosperity for China's instrument and meter industry. The rise and fall of domestic enterprises has always been the first. The achievements of state-owned enterprise reform, the improvement of the level and strength of private enterprises, and the full play of the potential of enterprises run by universities and scientific research institutions are the hope of domestic enterprises

under the heavy pressure of large-scale entry of foreign capital and surge of imports, China's instrument industry is in a grim situation, but it will not break up, will not collapse, and will not die out. Its survival and development lies in its three comparative advantages of market, human resources and industry foundation. China's instrument industry is cultivating and has emerged enterprises with this scale and ability. Chinese instrument and meter enterprises will not be limited to the development in the field of medium and low-end products with comparative advantages at present. Excellent enterprises in the industry have the ability to make breakthroughs in some high-tech fields, breaking the monopoly of foreign capital and imported products. The scientific and technological achievements of many enterprises in the park are in a leading position in the country

on the one hand, give full play to the comparative advantages of the industry, consolidate and expand their position and achievements in the field of general products; on the other hand, make breakthroughs in the field of scientific instruments and high technology of test control, and narrow the gap is the development path of domestic enterprises

with economic globalization and China's further reform and opening up, a new round of foreign investment into China's manufacturing industry is on the rise. The characteristics of this round will be mainly in the form of foreign sole proprietorship and absolute shareholding, and will gradually enter the stage of mergers and acquisitions of Chinese excellent enterprises. Because the instrument and meter industry has the characteristics of easy liquidity, urgent global market demand and large gap, it is the earliest for foreign capital to enter China's manufacturing industry and can also program and print the experimental report according to the format required by users; One of the hot industries. In the process of globalization of the world instrument and meter industry, our view on China's instrument and meter industry is: foreign capital is better than none; It is better to move to China than to other countries and regions

under the overall policy of developing manufacturing industry in China, under the framework of WTO, and although regulations, standards and customer preferences will affect the trend of material innovation, adopting two modes and taking a road to develop China's instrument industry in line with China's national conditions is the common exploration and hard practice of several generations of China's instrument industry in the 21st century

midfield industry generally refers to the industry between the final product industry and the basic material industry. Midfield is borrowed from the meaning of football. Developed countries not only have famous multinational companies with technology, scale and economic strength that mainly provide final products, but also have a midfield industry composed of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises that mainly provide midfield products. The midfield industry is not only very important, but also has good benefits. According to the statistical analysis of developed countries, for the vast majority of non monopoly mechanical and electrical product manufacturing industry, the profits of its final products are constantly shifting to upstream development and design, parts, components, material processing and downstream system integration, sales services and other fields. The important reason is that the diversity and personalization of midfield products make the price competition far less intense than the highly comparable final products

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