Operation of wJR bypass type soft starter of the h

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Operation of wJR bypass type motor soft starter

(I) panel function key

wjr bypass type soft starter panel is shown in the figure

(II) system parameter adjustment

1 Function of adjusting elements (Figure)

figure wJR bypass main circuit wiring diagram

figure control board terminal arrangement diagram

error - the terminal is disconnected in case of fault; Run - the terminal is closed when starting is completed; Start, com - start button (dynamic closing) through calculation; Stop, com - stop button Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that (dynamic disconnection)

figure wJR bypass soft starter panel schematic diagram

after the power line is connected, connect the three-phase 380V power supply for many customers to rethink their views on lightweight design. If the reverse phase is displayed, any two incoming lines of the circuit breaker can be adjusted relatively. PR1 on the circuit board is the starting current adjustment potentiometer. When leaving the factory, the starting current value is set to 3 times the rated working current. Generally, it does not need to be adjusted again. PR2, PR3 and PR4 are current calibration potentiometers, which have been calibrated before delivery and do not need to be adjusted

2. Motor starting parameter adjustment

if the long starting time is caused by heavy load, you can continue to increase the starting current. The method is: turn potentiometer PR1 clockwise to increase the starting current. Generally, the starting time is controlled within 16S, otherwise the motor will heat up or even burn out due to too long starting time. After starting, the running relay (run) is closed. Chongqing winch

(III) control circuit connection (Figure)

1 Three wire control

press the start button, the motor starts, press the stop button, and the motor enters the stop state

2. The two-wire control

stop button is not wired. Press the start button, and the motor starts to start. Release the start button, and the motor will enter the shutdown state. This method can be used for inching and relay control

3. After the bypass operation

soft start process is completed, the operation relay (run) is pulled in (the contact capacity is 250v/5a) to control the action of the bypass contactor. At this time, the motor is powered by the contactor (KM1) (see Figure)

note: wJR bypass type soft starter is free shutdown and has no soft shutdown function

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