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Operation of combine under special circumstances

1 The operating unit shall not run along the wind in case of windy weather, so as to prevent the unit from working normally; The air inlet on the windward side of the grain cleaning mechanism should be reduced, and the air inlet on the leeward side should be increased, in order to reduce the loss of grain cleaning belt and improve the quality of grain cleaning

2. Try to avoid cross slope operation in slope operation; For long-distance uphill harvesting, the rear of the screen should be raised, larger screen holes should be selected, and the opening of the air inlet should be reduced to reduce grain loss; There is no need to adjust when harvesting in a short distance uphill; When harvesting for a long distance downhill, the back of the screen should be lowered

3. When the harvester is operated in a low-lying area in a wet field, the driving device of the harvester should be modified into a crawler or half crawler type to harvest crops in time; When the depth of muddy feet is large, the proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry in the market of the unit has been increased to more than 30% of the ground wheel width, so as to strengthen the anti-skid ability and expand the grounding area as much as possible to prevent the machine from sinking

4. The operation of lodging crops should appropriately reduce the forward speed of the unit; Correctly select the harvesting direction of the unit. The forward direction of the unit should be the same as the direction of crop lodging. 8. Experiments such as tightening and zigzag can refer to the above automatic alarm device to sound and operate in the opposite direction (called reverse cutting), or 45% with the lodging crop. The included angle between left and right (called side cut); Adjust the reel forward and down appropriately to ensure smooth reel pulling and normal cutting

5. For low crops, the header and reel should be properly adjusted and refitted. The height of the header should be adjusted so that the stubble is not higher than 15 cm and the cutter does not eat soil. If the stubble is too low and the cutter eats soil, the cutter wear, tooth collapse and damage will be accelerated. The reel should be properly adjusted downward and backward in order to harvest normally; Increase the forward speed of the unit to ensure the normal threshing feeding amount; Harvesting in the direction of the sowing line can reduce the operating stability of the experimental machine caused by the increase of the forward speed. The strong vibration of the unit we constantly use can also reduce the harvest loss

6. for the operation of over dry and over mature crops, add canvas strips on the wood turning wheel pressing plate to increase the buffer effect of the reel in the reeling and reduce the loss of grain loss; Reduce the height of the reel so that the reel does not hit the crop ear head to reduce grain loss; Reduce the reel speed to reduce the number of blows to the cutting crop. (end)

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