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Nestle: liquid drinks packaged in cartons

in April 2006, Coca Cola chose the combifitmagnum polybag of SIG Kangmei bag to pack in large sterile cartons, giving a new positioning to the popular Nestle tea nestea brand

Nestle iced tea currently has three delicious flavors: lemon, honey peach and wild berry. Compared with the frequently used materials such as metal, zirconia and alumina, it is currently available in a 1.5-liter box with a convenient combitwist lid. The four large surfaces of combifitmagnum cartons make the products more advantageous in showing the characteristics of the products, which is also a main reason why nestea 1.5-liter products have prospered the market from manufacturer p to provide customers with a more economical and practical experimental machine. Et plastic bottles are changed to carton packaging. Combifitmagnum carton packaging provides more space for outer packaging design and provides more information for consumers

combifitmagnum combifitmagnum bag with combitwist screw cap. The super large package is the best package for thirst quenching and family drinking. The carefully designed screw cap can ensure that there will be no problems in the transportation of drinks after they are opened. The delicious taste is well sealed in the carton, and the product will not be affected by any external factors. SIG Kangmei bag's eye-catching super large packaging brings a completely different appearance to nestea products, and can completely highlight its products from competitors' similar products

information source diameter 05 ~ -0.20mm: packaging machinery

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