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Lippon instruments was found to have infringed a patent of Meirui in the first instance, and the company will also launch xdppstr-03lq19005 innovative biological lightweight material solution for the automotive industry. 1million

Shenzhen Meirui and lippon instruments have made the latest progress in "matching". According to an announcement issued by Nippon instruments at noon yesterday, one of the patent cases involved by the company was judged as infringement by the court of first instance, and the company was sentenced to compensate Shenzhen Mindray 1million yuan

lippon instruments announced that Shenzhen Mindray sued the company dus6 vet full digital ultrasonic diagnosis system for infringement of its patent number zl In the case of patent No. 7, the company received the first instance judgment of Shenzhen intermediate people's Court on June 19. The content of the judgment is: the company immediately stops manufacturing, selling and promising to sell the products infringing the above patent rights of Shenzhen Mindray; The company shall compensate Shenzhen Mindray 1million yuan within 10 days from the effective date of this judgment; The case acceptance fee of 13800 yuan shall be borne by the company

Li Bang instrument said that the company will exercise the right of appeal according to law and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company

in terms of the impact of this case on the company's profits, Li Bang instrument said that the company's R & D model is customer-oriented. After the product is launched, it enters the life cycle management stage. The R & D system will carry out continuous R & D, improvement and upgrading of products according to market feedback, so as to ensure that the company's products continue to meet customer needs. The product models involved in the above-mentioned cases have been in the late stage of the life cycle of focusing on developing the economy and improving people's livelihood. They are withdrawing from the market as planned, and new upgraded products have begun to be gradually replaced according to the product planning scheme. Therefore, this lawsuit has no significant impact on the production, operation and profits of the company

however, the above case is only one of the 24 cases involved in Shenzhen Mindray suing the company for patent infringement and trade secret disputes. According to the previous progress of the case, Shenzhen Mindray has changed the amount of litigation for many times after suing Li Bang instrument, from the initial 25million yuan to the current 106.997 million yuan. In the face of Shenzhen Mindray's offensive, not long ago, the problems that should be paid attention to in the lubrication and rust prevention of waw (2) 000d microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, Nippon instruments took the initiative to fight back and accused Shenzhen Mindray of being suspected of unfair competition. On May 24, the Shenzhen intermediate people's court officially accepted the lawsuit. As a result, the lawsuit between the two sides escalated in the form of "confrontation"

a researcher from securities firm Kang, who tracks Nippon instruments, told this newspaper yesterday that at present, the patents judged to be infringing involve less product revenue of the company and have little impact on the company's operation. As the above cases involve 8 patents and 24 products of the company, and the current litigation situation is not clear, a comprehensive evaluation cannot be made for the time being. As long as the lawsuit is not completely lost, the impact on the company should not be too great. The products in the fields of Obstetrics, electrocardiography, monitoring and ultrasonic imaging involved by the company are fully competitive. The competitive parties have obtained market competitive advantages by constantly launching new products. If the company can develop subsequent alternative products in the field of lost products, the negative factors can be eliminated to a great extent

relevant people of Nippon instruments said that it was not convenient to evaluate the specific impact because there were no results of other cases at present. However, the company has made emergency plans for the impact of litigation cases, including product upgrading and substitution. Among them, Li Bang instrument filed a request for invalidation of the patent involved in the lawsuit with the Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office, which is also a measure to eliminate the negative impact of the company. The announcement shows that among the 8 patents related to 24 cases of Shenzhen Mindray, lippon instruments has filed invalidation requests for 6 of them. At present, the Patent Reexamination Board has made an examination decision on the above request of the company, in which the relevant claims involving four patents have been declared invalid. According to the above company personage, according to the patent law, if Shenzhen Mindray fails to bring a lawsuit to the court within the specified time, the relevant lawsuit of Shenzhen Mindray against the above patent will not be established

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