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European food packaging processing industry has great potential in the processing of food special plastic packaging, and the total output value of plastic products applied to food packaging is expected to exceed 40billion euros

plastic packaging products can prolong the shelf life of food, help food retailers to manage reasonably and effectively, and promote the growth of commodity sales. It is expected that the market demand for flexible food packaging products in Western Europe will increase significantly, while plastic products account for almost 30% of the total global food packaging products

Analysts of frost Sullivan economic consulting company believe that plastic products have the advantages of reducing the weight of packaging products, industrial automation instruments and control systems, product design, opening up broad prospects for cooperation between the two countries, flexibility, promoting new packaging solutions, extending the shelf life of food and other advantages, and will certainly become a department with great development potential in the packaging industry. PE, PP, pet, PA, EVOH and other plastic products with different properties can play a role in the application field of food flexible packaging, and can prolong the shelf life of food without using preservatives

at present, the market price demand for plastic products used in food flexible packaging has increased significantly. In 2005, the total consumption of flexible packaging plastic products in the Western European market was 1491.7 million euros, and it is expected to reach 192.6 million euros by 2012

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