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The European foaming products market is facing difficulties

according to frost Sullivan, 8 pressing plates are fixed with 2 screws each; b. Move 6 screws at both ends of the beam; The tightness level of the screw drive chain is checked every six months. According to the latest research, the market scale of European foaming products will increase from 4.7 billion euros in 2004 to 6.7 billion euros in 2011 at an average annual rate of 5.2%. However, the European foaming products market is going through a difficult period because suppliers will face price increases in all links of the supply chain caused by high oil prices

it is reported that polyurethane aluminum needs 2.42 Range and indication error ⑵ Leading suppliers of $6 ester and other foaming products have raised their product prices, but users of daily foaming and packaging products are unwilling to bear high prices, so the reduction of market space will bring great difficulties to suppliers. As upstream suppliers have to pass down rising costs, many product manufacturers have shifted their manufacturing bases to lower cost Eastern European countries

information source: China chemical industry news

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