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On the morning of June 13, at the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the author also met with representatives of the Bavarian mechanical engineering industry - the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation and Bayern international

as the fastest-growing economy in the world, China's economy is very dependent on the continuous development of the machine tool field, especially for large-scale infrastructure projects and large-scale projects, machine tools are indispensable. Mikelartola, President of the Spanish Association of machine tool, parts, components and tool manufacturers (AFM), said in an interview with the author on June 13

On the same day, he was participating in the 11th China International Machine Tool Exhibition held in Beijing

mikelartola's AFM has about 140 members and is committed to helping its member companies enter the international market

he told the reporter that Spain is the third largest machine tool manufacturer in Europe, and Germany and Italy have always been the first and second largest markets of Spain. However, this ranking changed in 2011, with China lagging far behind Germany and Italy, becoming the largest market for Spanish machine tool exports. Not only Spain, for machine tool enterprises in other countries and regions in the world, China's huge market potential makes them aspire to it and eager to try

in the past 20 years, China's machine tool industry has accumulated a lot. Not only has the consumption of machine tools ranked first in the world for ten consecutive years, but the output value of machine tools has also ranked first in the range of 2% for three consecutive years. It has become the most active machine tool market in the world at one fell swoop, and directly contributed to the prosperity of China's automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries

nevertheless, there are still many problems in China's machine tool industry, such as insufficient market share in the medium and high-end market, and the overall brand image needs to be improved

in mikelartola's view, compared with China's machine tool technology, the advantage of Spanish machine tool lies in its innovative technology and flexibility. It can customize machine tool products for users, that is, carbon fiber reinforced carbon basic composites, and the price is high. The price of machine tool products in China is relatively low

On the morning of June 13, at the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the author also met with representatives of the Bavarian mechanical engineering industry, the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation and Bayern international

in this exhibition, the Bavarian official delegation organized by Bayern international and the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation has a total of 12 exhibitors in different fields. The main purpose of the Bavarian official delegation this time is to promote the relationship between Bavarian enterprises and potential Chinese partners

alexandravoss, member of the board of directors, Commissioner and chief representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and industry in Greater China, told this newspaper that German enterprises are good at producing and supplying high-end machine tools suitable for various industries. Therefore, in the past few decades, German enterprises have been very active in the Chinese market and have made great achievements. In the future, mutually beneficial cooperation will continue to be the main driving factor for the common development of China and Germany in the field of machine tools

at present, the world economic competition pattern is undergoing profound changes and adjustments. Accelerating the cultivation and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is not only an urgent need to build new international competitive advantages and grasp the initiative of development, but also an internal requirement to change the mode of economic development and promote the upgrading of industrial structure

from an international perspective, the financial crisis has made industrial developed countries pay more attention to the development of the real economy, and put forward development routes such as Reindustrialization, low-carbon economy, next-generation new energy, smart earth, etc., aiming at high-end manufacturing fields and emerging industries, seeking to create new competitive advantages. It will not only constitute fierce competition for the future development of China's high-end equipment in the large-scale plastic market, but also squeeze the market space of products that have formed advantages

Engels, head of the Foreign Economic Department of the machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation of Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, said in an interview with the author that China's economy is developing rapidly and there is a great demand for machine tools. For enterprises in Baden Wuerttemberg, the Chinese market provides them with important business opportunities. More importantly, they have seen that in the next 5 to 10 years, the impact analyzer is superior to other experimental machines in terms of impact force sensor accuracy, angular displacement sensor accuracy, impact hammer minimum energy, a/d sampling rate and other technical indicators, and there is a broad prospect for China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry

we don't want to miss it. Engels said

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