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The European light coated paper market is facing a test

light coated paper (LWC) manufacturers' voice to defend the price in the second half of the year is getting weaker and weaker. Although suppliers and buyers are still arguing over the price for the second half of this year based on the configuration of different fixtures, the sellers admit that they are under pressure and will have to reduce the price

if the price of light coated paperboard declines, it is impossible to do it synchronously in the whole Europe. German publishers may see the new price in early July, while France and Britain need to wait until after the mid year holiday. A British supplier said, "if the market still has such a list by the end of August, the pressure will surely shift to the price."

the price of gravure printing is not as unstable as magazine paper and catalogue paper. Publishers generally have long-term stable agreements with manufacturers in northern Europe

it is said that excess production capacity is the reason for market imbalance. At this time last year, industry insiders did not think much of the launch of Germany Haindl's light coating machine with an annual output of 400000 metric tons; Since then, in the third quarter of last year, perlen has launched a light coating/paper machine with an annual mandrel diameter of 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar and a production capacity of 150000 tons

but not long after publishers suffered from tight paper supply, the demand for LWC slowed down due to some reasons. In fact, in today's market, buying LWC is no longer a headache for publishers. One buyer said, "the supply is sufficient." According to another buyer, in the spot market, if you want a large quantity, the price can be very cheap. It is said that publishers have a large inventory and are not eager to buy at all, especially when prices will fall soon

manufacturers try to restore the balance of supply and demand in the market by reducing production. One company said that their production reduction had reduced the supply of light coated paper in the European market by 120000 metric tons. Another supplier said that the production was reduced by stopping production, but declined to disclose the specific quantity. A British supplier said: "some people call this overhaul shutdown, but its purpose is to support market prices."

in the second half of 2001, it may be difficult for the European market to absorb the output of light coated paper. Burgo has a paper machine with an annual output of 400000 metric tons, which will be put into operation in Italy in the fourth quarter

in the Italian market, the price of low-end 60g light coated paperboard fell by 40 lira per kilogram this month. A supplier said, "the market is very weak, and Buyers ask us to reduce prices on the grounds of falling pulp prices."

what makes this situation worse is that some publishers are gradually turning to SC-A or even sc-b. One manufacturer said that its sc-b sales volume reached double-digit growth in the first half of this year. News from France shows that retailers now use super calendered paper (SC) instead of light coated paper to print pamphlets and leaflets

analysis of the utilization of light coated paper, carbon fiber and its composites in aerospace manufacturers had hoped that the market would pick up after the mid year holiday. But according to the plan, there will be such a big increase in production capacity before the end of this year. I'm afraid that production self-discipline will become the top priority again by then

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