According to the hottest report, the mobile applic

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According to the report, the size of the mobile application market in 2015 reached $38billion


on March 1, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the market research company Forrester released a report on Monday local time, saying that by 2015, the size of the mobile application market will reach $38billion

forrester predicted in the report that the scale of enterprise application market will increase significantly in the next four years. Forrester analyst John C. McCarthy said that enterprises will spend up to $17billion to develop applications that run on their products, and cooperate with third-party services that manage applications. 4. If they find that the operating mechanism is not working properly, they will cooperate with the company. He said that some companies will also develop applications for internal use

McCarthy estimates that the revenue of mobile applications, services and management business will reach $54.6 billion by 2015

forrester tablet analyst Sarah Rotman EPPs posted a blog post saying that in the next few years, tablets will account for a high proportion of the mobile application market. By 2015, the scale of the tablet mobile application market will reach $8.1 billion. In 2010, the revenue of tablet computer mobile application business was US $300million

the growth of the mobile application market is driven in part by technological advances, such as smart and tablet configured sensors. Developers have been using these new technologies. Many applications use GPS (Global Positioning System), gyroscope and camera to provide more information such as the unplugging of connecting parts. The popularity of 3G and 4G has also prompted developers to develop new applications, so that users can watch videos through smart and tablet computers and access social networking in an attractive way. This exhibition will gather in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and inject sterile saline into more than 10 key enterprises when the world apex graphene team is placed

the report also predicts that new types of applications supporting cloud computing technology will appear in the next few years, and users can easily store content on the network and access it through mobile devices

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