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Editor's note: Recently, emo was held in Milan, Italy. The emo exhibition also brought together important international CNC system manufacturers, such as FANUC in Japan, Mitsubishi, Siemens in Germany, heidenham, Rexroth, Fage in Spain, FIDIA in Italy, Num in France, etc

last month, emo, one of the world's four major machine tool exhibitions, was held in Milan, Italy. Emo is famous for its largest exhibition scale in the world, rich variety of exhibits, advanced level of exhibits and high-grade visitors. It is not only the window of the international machine tool industry, but also the epitome and barometer of the international machine tool market. Therefore, machine tool enterprises from all countries that want to enter the global market compete to appear on this stage

in addition to a wide range of products, the emo exhibition also brought together international important CNC system manufacturers, such as FANUC in Japan, Mitsubishi, Siemens in Germany, heidenham, Rexroth, FAG in Spain, FIDIA in Italy, Num in France, etc. They each exhibited various grades of CNC systems, demonstrated the latest technological development trends, and greatly inspired the development of CNC systems in China

collection of famous products

with productivity innovation as the theme, Siemens Automation and drive group (AD) showed a complete set of CNC numerical control application solution "CNC drives Motors". The products of numerical control devices displayed include driver based CNC controller and PC based CNC controller; Drive products include Siemens' new generation drive control system sinamics120, which integrates v/f, vector and servo control. Siemens introduced the application of its high-performance numerical control system in the field of electric regenerative plastic granulator in China, aerospace, medical devices and other fields in the form of exhibition boards and actual processing samples

the products exhibited by FANUC company in Japan at this exhibition are divided into three categories: robots, numerical control devices, drives and motors. The theme of the company's products is the integration of machine tools and robots. At the same time, FANUC company highlighted various servo drive systems and robots of various specifications. The types of exhibits were the largest among the CNC enterprises participating in the exhibition, and many visitors visited

the representative product of German Heidenhain company participating in the exhibition is itnc530 CNC system, which is a multi-functional, workshop oriented contour machining CNC system suitable for milling, drilling, boring and machining centers. At the same time, Heidenhain also showed through other devices the accuracy changes of machine tool NC machining from semi closed loop to full closed loop after using its high-precision measuring device. The functions of high-speed machining, five axis linkage machining and intellectualization of its high-end CNC system are demonstrated by computer, which makes the audience have a more intuitive experience of the precision performance of its products

at this exhibition, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan launched an advanced, fully nano controlled Mitsubishi CNC flagship product, m700v series CNC system, and demonstrated the turbine machining process with a standard five axis system. At the same time, M70 series CNC system for lathe was also exhibited, and the synchronization technology of Mitsubishi CNC system was demonstrated through a parallel device

Bosch Rexroth has launched a full range of in dramotionmtx CNC systems, of which indramotionmtxmicro is the latest four axis linkage CNC system launched by Rexroth in 2009, which is mainly aimed at the Asian market

it is understood that at this exhibition, the CNC system commonly used on high-end CNC machine tools exhibited by mainstream machine tool manufacturers is the high-end CNC system of these mainstream companies. According to preliminary statistics, among the supporting systems in this exhibition, Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc have more CNC systems. Among them, in the high-end CNC machine tools, Siemens and Heidenhain have the most products and occupy a large share in the European machine tool market. Siemens 840D system is still the mainstream configuration on high-end machine tools with multi axis, high-speed, composite processing, measurement and other auxiliary functions

no single booth of domestic CNC system enterprises is large. Dalian GAOJIN CNC Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Dalian machine tool group and central China CNC, exhibited various CNC systems it produced. Wuhan denqi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has an independent exhibition area of 12 square meters, displaying all kinds of servo motors and servo drives

development trend

it can be seen from the new products participating in this exhibition that the current development trend of CNC system is mainly reflected in high-speed, high-precision, intelligent servo, CAD, cam, CNC integration, product serialization, personalization and so on

first of all, in order to achieve high-speed and high-precision CNC systems, high-end CNC systems have adopted nano interpolation and HRV control technology. For example, FANUC's 30i/31i/32i CNC system and 0imd CNC "With the new expansion completed 13. The adhesive utilization development laboratory located in Bayer Shanghai polymer research and development center with an overall size of about 1170*750*2260 and the global innovation team system that has been fully invested in scientific research projects, Mitsubishi's m700v numerical control system and Siemens' 828d numerical control system all have nano interpolation functions. The position instructions are accurately calculated in nanometers, so that the machine tool moves smoothly and improves processing accuracy.

At the same time, the HRV function is used to improve the corresponding speed and control accuracy. For example, the spindle hrv3 control function of 0imd CNC system, the hrv4 control function of 30i/31i/32i CNC system, and the SSS control function (ultra-high smooth surface control) of Mitsubishi Corporation are suitable for high-quality mold processing

secondly, in order to facilitate users' debugging and use, modern AC servo drives are widely used, which can realize the optimization of feed servo and spindle related parameters in a short time, and realize high-speed and high-precision servo performance. Various servo adjustment tools have been launched one after another. For example, FANUC's servegulde and Mitsubishi's servotuningtool:msconfigurator

secondly, in order to help operators compile machining programs more conveniently and solve the programming problems of complex surface parts, international CNC system manufacturers have clearly taken the graphical and integrated programming system as an important way to expand the functions of CNC system and improve the friendliness of human-computer interaction of CNC system

for example, shopturn and shopmill workshop level integrated programming systems of Siemens. Manualcuidei, manualcuideoi and turnmatei programming systems of FANUC company and dialog integrated programming system of heidenham are cad/cam systems integrated with CNC system

in addition, as an important application field of CNC system, robot technology and products have developed rapidly in recent years, not only for individual positions such as handling and welding, but also for positions such as loading and unloading of machine tools, changing and paying attention to turning off the source knife of main motor, measuring, etc., which greatly improves the working efficiency of CNC machine tools. Typical products include KUKA of Germany and m-1ia, m-2000ia and m-710ic series of FANUC company

at present, with the upgrading of modern manufacturing industry and the continuous development of numerical control technology, ordinary two axis and three-axis numerical control machining has been widely popularized, and a large number of four axis and five axis numerical control machine tools have been put into manufacturing enterprises for high-speed and high-precision machining. Therefore, international CNC enterprises attach great importance to the continuous upgrading of five axis machining technology

through the emo exhibition, it is not difficult to find that several new products launched by many CNC system enterprises, such as FANUC's 0imd, Siemens' 828, Rexroth's mtxmi cro, are developed for the needs of the Asian and other developing countries' markets for CNC systems. The product functions are not simply tailored to their high-end product functions, and the performance price ratio of products is also very competitive

at the same time, many multinational CNC system enterprises use novel and compact models to demonstrate the function and structure of products on site, which is very convenient to watch. For example, various CNC system demonstrations of Siemens, five axis CNC machining demonstrations of Mitsubishi, etc. This also shows that product personalization may become a new development trend

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