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Eurofighter "typhoon" creates the myth of composite materials

premium aerotec can also be used in sports and leisure such as snowboards and surfboards. Recently, it completed the production task of 300 Eurofighter "typhoons" looking for appropriate positions to install tension (pressure) sensors to directly sense the load applied on the test piece, and the middle fuselage. Hans longsinger, CEO of the company, highly emphasized the advantages of premium aerotec in the integrated structure of civil and military aircraft. He said, "premium aerotec is a leading supplier with rich production experience in the military and civil aircraft industry, especially focusing on the production of highly complex aircraft parts. Today, we successfully completed the 300th central fuselage delivery task of European fighter, which can further prove that the company has the strength to become a strong partner in complex military projects." Mr. Joachim ngele, the project manager, continued to add, "you know, the middle fuselage is the backbone of the European fighter, because when the fighter carries out supersonic flight and difficult air exercises, the middle fuselage bears the greatest pressure in the overall structure. We are glad that we can successfully complete the production tasks of 300 middle fuselages with high quality and high standards as planned. We are really proud of this."

premium aerotec produces the middle fuselage for the air forces of six countries participating in the "Eurofighter project", which are Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Saudi Arabia

in this way, premium aerotec has become the largest airframe structure supplier in the "Eurofighter project"

with a total length of six meters, the middle fuselage is the most technologically advanced part of the European fighter. The main structure is made of titanium reinforced aluminum alloy, and the surface is made of carbon fiber composites

using the above raw materials can not only make the fighter bear high pressure during flight, but also apply the lightweight structure to the fuselage manufacturing. The middle fuselage is a key part of the European fighter, which includes fuel tank, engine intake pipe, electronic and hydraulic components; The exterior of the fuselage should be directly connected with the cockpit, the rear fuselage (where all engines are located), the wing and the landing gear. This means that the middle fuselage of the aircraft has to bear all static and dynamic loads

330 employees from Augsburg plant 3 are responsible for the assembly of the middle fuselage. It is reported that the middle fuselage of the European fighter "typhoon" is mainly made of three materials: titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber composites. The fuselage is finally processed in the manching factory in Augsburg of EADS, and then transported to the final assembly lines in Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain to complete the final assembly of the fuselage

premium aerotec Company Profile:

premium aerotec company is the world's leading supplier of aircraft structures and systems. Mainly engaged in the research and production of fiber composite technology and other fields. In 2009, premium aerotec had more than 6000 employees and an annual income of 1billion euros. The core business of premium aerotec is the manufacturing of metal and carbon composite aviation components and the development of corresponding production systems. The factory is located in Augsburg, nordenham, varel and other cities in Germany, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS group

Eurofighter "typhoon"

Eurofighter "typhoon" is a dual engine, multi-purpose attack fighter with front wings and delta wings (canard layout). Eurofighter Co., Ltd., which participated in the design and production of Eurofighter, was formed by several European aerospace companies in 1986, and the clinker phase decomposition research and development plan was launched as early as 1979

European fighter "typhoon" is widely made of carbon fiber composites, glass fiber reinforced plastics, aluminum lithium alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and other materials, and composite materials account for about 40% of the whole aircraft

compared with other modern fighters that can be used for 10 years, the most unique feature of Eurofighter "typhoon" is that it has four different production lines, each of which specializes in producing some parts for all aircraft; Finally, he is responsible for assembling the final finished aircraft of his own country

alenia company - left wing, outer flap aileron, rear fuselage section

bae systems company - front fuselage, cockpit cover, back bone, tail wing, inner flap aileron, rear fuselage section

eads Germany company - main body

eads Casa company - right wing, leading edge slat

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