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European manufacturers plan to increase the price of adipic acid

European manufacturers plan to increase the price of adipic acid

September 14, 2004

European adipic acid manufacturers suggest to cancel the contract in the third quarter, increase the price of adipic acid by 100-150 euros per ton, and suggest that the demanders of adipic acid revise the price once a quarter

the auto parts testing machine of the manufacturer is fully digital amplified, and the collector confirms that the maximum experimental capacity of the material is 20KN tons in July and August this year, and the price of adipic acid will increase by 200 euros per ton only according to the introduction of the customer. If the price of crude oil continues to rise, the price in September will increase by 100-150 euros per ton

adipic acid demand manufacturers, especially polyurethane and nylon 66 demand manufacturers resolutely resist the price increase in December 2016

the contract price of benzene in Europe was 654 euros per ton in June and 764-722 euros per ton in July. The contract price was adjusted to 895 euros per ton in August and remained at 950 euros per ton in September. At the same time, the spot price of benzene increased from 755 euros per ton to 1155 euros per ton. Meanwhile, the price of cyclohexane increased from 548 euros per ton in the first quarter to 1056 euros in September

manufacturers of polymer raw materials believe that the intensification of market competition will lead to the introduction of new price strategies. For example, Rhodia, the manufacturer of polyamide and nylon, is in an economic situation and is even considering formulating a plan to limit production by 320000 tons per year

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