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Germany has always been the center of high-end manufacturing industry. However, due to the outbreak of the financial crisis and the spread of the European debt crisis against the longitudinal rolling steel plate, many European high-end manufacturing enterprises have accelerated their layout, otherwise the freezing contraction opportunities will be damaged In the Chinese market, the economic momentum of Europe shows signs of "drifting eastward"

learned that as an innovator of machine tools, medical equipment and laser cutting technology, Germany tongkuai company is accelerating the layout of the Chinese market. It not only plans to nearly double the original production space in Taicang, but also seeks to merge and acquire related enterprises for cooperation

Nikolai leiberg Kamler, chairman of Germany tongkuai Co., Ltd., said in an interview: "we produce in China not because of low costs or for export to Europe, but because we value the Chinese market. In China, there is a great demand for our products in the fields of environmental protection, automobile, medical security and so on."

it is reported that in 2011, the business of Germany tongkuai in China increased by 100%, and the turnover reached 1.5 billion yuan. China has become its third largest market after Germany and the United States, and is also the fastest-growing market, accelerating the transformation and industrialization of relevant technological achievements

although the business growth rate of enterprises in the stage of impact professional high-precision sensors has slowed down, martys Kamler, executive deputy director of Germany express, is still optimistic about China's economic prospects. He believes that China will have a rapid growth stage in the second half of this year, which is a great development opportunity for the company

based on this, Germany express plans to increase investment in the Chinese market. Martys Kamler said: "last year, tongkuai's investment in the Chinese market increased by more than 10%, and it will maintain this growth rate in the future, and plans to increase its procurement in Asia by more than twice in 2012."

it is not difficult to see from the development of global manufacturing that manufacturing production is increasingly moving eastward. In 2011, the global machine tool products gradually came out of recession, but the market share of manufacturing countries has changed dramatically. China is now the largest manufacturer of machine tools in the world, followed by Japan and Germany

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