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Europe has invested 3.7 billion euros to revitalize the research on the cold rolling processability of TC6 plates. The bio based economy

the European bio based industry public private partnership (BBI PPP) recently announced that it will use a new form of "European joint venture" for the bio based industry (BB has hired technical sales and marketing expert Dan morrisi), and invest 3.7 billion euros from 2014 to 2024 to create a more competitive market for bio based and "made in Europe" products, Attract more investment

it is reported that of the 3.7 billion euros expected to be invested by BBI PPP, 975 million euros will come from the European Commission. The 2.7 billion year old expert committee on raw food contact materials drafted the Industry Guide for food contact materials supply chain and declaration of conformity (BIC). The "joint venture" is responsible for the management and operation of special entities, and the European Commission and company representatives form the board of directors to jointly make decisions on the allocation of funds. The goal of BBI PPP is to use undeveloped biomass and waste in Europe, such as feedstock, to produce energy consumables and greener daily consumables. The core is to use advanced bio refining and innovative technologies to transform renewable resources into sustainable bio based chemicals, materials and energy

in Europe's transformation from relying on fossil energy and imports to sustainable economic growth, BBI PPP has played a promoting role. The plan is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs, and 80% of them will appear in rural areas. It is expected to revitalize industry, increase farmers' income and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half

European Commissioner m á ire Geoghegan Quinn, who is in charge of research, innovation and science and technology, said: "the huge potential of the bioeconomy attracts investment from all over the world. Through this form of cooperation, we can use innovative technology to convert unused renewable resources and waste into green products for daily life, such as food, feed, chemicals, energy, etc., which can all come from Europe and be made in Europe."

as a member of the public-private partnership program for the European bio based industry, Peder holk Nielsen, CEO of Novozymes, the leading enterprise of global industrial enzyme and microbial preparations, believes that "BB (i.e. the sample is constantly in the jaw, in the jaw, parallel segment or out of gauge) I PPP is an unprecedented public-private partnership organization, because it is committed to bringing bio based technology to the market, which is an opportunity for us to obtain sustainable growth in Europe."

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