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Eurovision China EU energy conservation and environmental protection project settled in Hubei

the ongoing construction of two oriented society pilot area in Hubei is of far-reaching significance. The EU has successful technology and experience in this regard, and hopes that the two sides will actively connect and cooperate. Yesterday, EU ambassador to China Ambo said in Wuhan

amber, 63, is silver haired and smiling. During his first visit to Hubei, he was impressed by the fact that Hubei's GDP still maintained a growth rate of 10.2% in the first quarter under the financial crisis. At the same time, he also paid more attention to the sustainable development behind the rapid economic growth and the cooperation between the European Union and Hubei in related fields

Ambo said that there are thousands of joint research and financing projects between China and Europe, many of which involve the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and he hopes to promote the settlement and application of these projects in Hubei. He revealed that the European Union had recently signed an agreement with the Chinese education department to invest 10million euros to support the establishment of the China Europe Institute of clean and renewable energy in Hubei. This is another major cooperation project in the field of higher education between China Europe International Business School and China Europe law school

Ambow introduced that the project is jointly operated by several first-class universities in Europe and first-class universities in China by establishing a non-profit consortium, which is also relatively expensive. The reason for choosing Hubei is that Hubei is a province rich in talents, science and education resources, and has a good industrial foundation, which plays an important role in the future national energy strategy. As for which school will implement it, it will be determined through public bidding

Ambo said that the EU has developed a low-energy economy for more than 30 years, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP is one fifth of that of the United States. This is mainly due to the reliability of work in four aspects: first, technology, vigorously develop and apply solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, clean coal, etc; Second, standards, such as strict standards for building energy conservation and the promotion of Euro IV standards for vehicle exhaust emissions; Third, pricing, encouraging energy-saving behavior by adjusting prices; Fourth, publicity to cultivate the awareness of energy conservation of every citizen. At present, we are actively planning to set up an energy technology transfer center in Beijing, hoping to share energy-saving experience with Hubei through the center. He said

as a Frenchman, Ambo is very satisfied with the cooperation between France and Hubei. He said: France is the first and only country in Europe to set up a Consulate General in Wuhan, and has made positive contributions to the development of China EU comprehensive strategic partnership. At the same time, Germany, Britain, Italy and other EU member states are also very active in withdrawing from the test state at the same time. I also hope that they will establish Consulates as soon as possible

many EU enterprises have strong competitiveness in the fields of infrastructure, health and new energy. They are very interested in the economic stimulus plan being implemented in Hubei and hope to actively participate in it. Ambo said that this week, the ambassadors of Belgium, Italy, Norway and Germany to China will visit Hubei one after another, and the friendly exchanges between the EU and Hubei will usher in a new climax

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