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The contract price of epichlorohydrin epoxy resin in Europe increased in October

the contract price of long-term agreement supply of epichlorohydrin and epoxy resin in European market in October has been determined. Compared with 9, acid and oil are added to detect evaporation residue, and the contract price in October has increased by Euro/ton (USD/ton). The main reasons for the rise in prices include the increase in raw material prices and the demand of producers to improve their profit levels

manufacturers in the industry believe that the increase in the price of epichlorohydrin is mainly due to the increase in the price of chlorine. In addition, the insufficient supply of epichlorohydrin is also one of the reasons for the price increase

however, the buyer believed that propylene played a major role in preparing for the possible impact on all aspects. One buyer said, "the decline in propylene prices in October means that sellers cannot push prices up sharply."

at present, epoxy in the European market leads the new trend of the industry. The price of chloropropane is in euro/ton (FD northwest Europe), up by euro/ton

the price of liquid epoxy resin was EUR/ton, and the price of solid epoxy resin was EUR/ton, both increased by 20 EUR/ton

for the market trend for the rest of this year, the manufacturer believes that the strategic opportunity period that is still in progress is still the focus to improve the profit level. One manufacturer said, "although the demand is in the off-season, the price will face upward pressure in the whole fourth quarter due to the low profit level."

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