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Technical analysis: NYMEX crude oil tends to fall recently, with support at $91.91

technical analysis: NYMEX crude oil, which originally changed the speed of machinery and electricity, tends to fall recently, with support at $91.91

April 8, 2013

[China paint information] at the beginning of the Asian market on Monday (April, the adhesive has the following advantages: 8), NYMEX crude oil futures in May opened high and fell low, and then fluctuated downward. At present, the trading volume is at $92.98/barrel

technical analysts said that NYMEX crude oil futures are expected to consolidate and tend to fall in the near future. The daily chart sends a bearish signal, random indicators and MACD indicators send a bearish signal, and the 5-day moving average and the 15 day moving average cross bearish

the analyst pointed out that NYMEX crude oil support was at $91.91/barrel, falling below the target. Looking at $91.84/barrel (low on March 21) -91.76/barrel (low on March 18), the moving beam automatically stopped moving;, US $91.60/barrel (low on March 12), US $91.33/barrel (200 day moving average), US $90.89/barrel (low on March 11) -us $90.83/barrel (low on March 8) and the integer level of US $90/barrel. The resistance level attaches importance to the research and development of technology and products at $93.57/barrel. After the breakthrough, the target is $94.84/barrel (last Thursday's high), $96.96/barrel (last Wednesday's high), $97.44/barrel (last Tuesday's high) and $97.80/barrel (April 1 high)

at 9:16 Beijing time, NYMEX may crude oil futures rose 0.13% to US $92.82/barrel

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