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European food packaging development trend

paper packaging for food in Europe generally adopts cartons, paper bags, paper cans, etc. In European restaurants, the paper used for food "packaging" is sheet by sheet. Among all kinds of packaging paper, paper bags account for the largest proportion, and paper disposable containers, such as paper cups or lunch boxes, account for the second place. The third place is beverage packaging. Paper cans are also widely used for all kinds of fruit juice, milk and other food packaging. In addition, paper packaging is also used in the packaging of all kinds of cooked food, fast food, snacks and other foods. In Germany and other countries, paper food is also used more than in China. In some European countries, some paper packaging can be recycled after use. The development of paper products for food in Europe mainly experienced three stages: the first stage was before World War II, when the production of paper packaging was at a low level, with poor quality and low output. The second stage is from 1950s to 1960s. With the progress of technology, the quality of paper has been greatly improved, and the packaging improvement of "replacing wood with paper" has been realized. The third stage is from the 1960s to the late 1970s. The quality of paper has basically reached the level that can replace the tin cans. The subsequent development of disposable tableware, paper cups, paper trays and so on has greatly promoted the progress of the paper food packaging market

at present, in European countries, the development direction of paper food packaging materials is to develop and produce multifunctional paper products. It is manifested in moisture-proof and fresh-keeping, while the cutting of the other two samples requires strict control, including temperature sensing, water sensing, sterilization, corrosion prevention (oxidation resistance), water resistance, acid resistance, oil resistance, deodorization and other functions

European paper packaging for food sales with high quality, exquisite design and diverse functions is worthy of our study and reference. With the integration of the world economy, China's relevant industries should learn the material of No. 20 seamless steel pipe as soon as possible, absorb foreign advanced technology and experience, and make paper, which originated in China, create a brilliant future in the field of food packaging

plastic packaging and containers for disposable food. In Europe, plastic is still widely used in disposable food sales and packaging. Any kind of consumer materials will cause pollution if they are not properly handled and a reasonable system engineering for consumption and use is not established. At present, Europe abandons the use of Freon or ozone destroying raw materials and uses some alkanes as foaming agents, which can eliminate this factor that destroys the environment

European countries have a high disposal rate of residues of consumer goods. The concept of "no waste, garbage is also a resource" is just like China's ideological education. People develop the habit of not littering things from childhood

for food packaging materials, the whole process evaluation method should be used. From an economic point of view, the transportation and storage costs of degradable materials are high. For consumers, the price of paper packaging is more than 2 times higher than that of plastic packaging. Therefore, foreign understanding and treatment of food packaging plastics make disposable food plastic packaging and tableware can be used normally without white pollution. However, because plastic products are cheap, the consumption is larger than that of paper products. PVC products are less used in plastic packaging of disposable food, but its prohibition policy is not found in the data retrieval

in Germany, industry insiders said that the post-treatment method of domestic waste in Europe was learned from China's "garbage collection" in the 1960s, but this method has been systematically improved abroad. Now, in addition to the food packaging industry, other industries in foreign countries also automatically assume environmental protection obligations. Therefore, the correct and effective understanding and utilization of distinctive energy will benefit consumers and society

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