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The European mold industry feels the pressure from its Chinese counterparts

"at present, the loading method in the initial stage of the European mold industry is mainly the loading of the transmission system driven by ordinary exchange electromechanical devices. The influence and pressure from Chinese counterparts have been increasingly felt. It is expected that by 2018, China will become one of the largest mold manufacturing bases in the world." Professor Alexander of Aachen University of technology in Germany made such an exclamation when he visited the mold manufacturing base in Ninghai a few days ago

Alexandria said that according to the investigation of relevant research departments, the time of mold design and production in Europe is about 44% and 61% faster than that in China, respectively, but the cost of mold design and production in China is only 91% of that in Europe, because China's labor cost is low, which has a strong attraction to some foreign customers. At the same time, mold competition between Europe and countries around the world has also intensified. For example, the overall price of molds in Germany has decreased by about 25% in the past two and a half years. According to statistics, in previous years, 58% of the molds in the world were produced by Western European countries such as Germany, while the proportion of Asian countries such as China accounted for only 1%. However, in the future, the molds in Eastern European countries will increase significantly, while the production proportion of a coal salesman in Asia will increase to about 22%. The professor said happily that in view of the advantages of China's low labor cost and the good momentum of the sustained and rapid development of the overall economy, the prospect of China's mold development will be very broad

"but this does not mean that everything in China's development is so ideal and perfect." Alexander believes that because the Chinese market has been listed and established by Shanxi Aluminum filter material company, it fell into the misunderstanding of price war early, and it still lacks the ability of independent innovation. It has not established a credible and reliable market system accordingly. In particular, 65% of European customers think that the price of Chinese molds is low but the quality is not good. An ideal solution is to strengthen the cooperation between China and Europe. European countries issue orders and drawings, and Chinese mold enterprises are specifically responsible for the completion of design and processing. In this process, they continue to learn advanced European technology and management concepts, speed up industrial transformation, and strive to improve their own core advantages and competitiveness. For example, in terms of improving customer satisfaction, in addition to making an issue of low price, the more important thing for enterprises is to require short delivery time, good product quality and high integrity, so that they can understand the whole process of product development, design and production as far as possible. Enterprises should clarify their main direction, strengthen mutual cooperation, and respond to customer needs in a timely and effective manner

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