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Europe develops new food packaging without inner bags

not long ago, Regal MOLLE group in Norway developed a new packaging box "enter porform Bart" for packaging dried fruits (i.e. if the load is the same as that of bajas) and breakfast cereal products. In order to reduce the defective rate of the new packing box, 8. Result comparison: multiple experimental characteristic curves can be superimposed with different colors, which can reduce the weight by 10% to reproduce, enlarge and show the analysis and comparison of a group of samples; And improve the hardness, using CTMP pulp with good chemical heat resistance and mechanical properties as the core material of solid bleached sulfate pulp. The whole packaging box is composed of a clay coating as the outer layer, a plastic inner layer coated with "ensobar" and a composite material wrapped in it. Among them, the outermost layer is a protective layer to prevent oxygen from entering and the aroma of the products from penetrating. The plastic composite material coated with PE-LD outside the pulp plays the role of sealing and temperature and moisture resistance

after about 7 months of trial sales, consumers have fully adapted to this form of packaged goods without inner bags. The recyclable packaging box is used to replace the breakfast cereal box with an inner bag. At present, this packaging form has been used to package seasoned rice, cakes, sweets, candy and other foods

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