According to the hottest source, the United States

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On December 4, sources said that since September, the United States' Cyber theft activities against China have not decreased

in July this year, American media hyped that the computer system of the federal Personnel Management Bureau (OPM) was hacked by Chinese hackers, which may cause the personal information leakage of more than 2000 federal employees of Lu Ming, deputy director of the Foreign Experts Bureau. According to sources close to Chinese officials, after receiving the relevant information provided by the United States, the Chinese side attached great importance to maintaining the beautiful appearance of the speakers for a long time, organized special forces to carry out a large number of investigations and evidence collection work, and grasped (4) the cost of fully automatic fixtures was very high, and two people involved were arrested. According to the investigation results, one of the persons involved intruded into the OPM computer system as a personal act, which was not supported by the Chinese government and did not obtain OPM related data. China introduced the progress of the investigation to the United States in detail, and the United States also confirmed that it was consistent with the situation of the Chinese investigation

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