Demand recovered after the hottest Festival, and t

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After the festival, the demand recovered, and the spot price of glass rose

with the gradual recovery of the demand after the festival, the spot price of glass rose to a certain extent, driving the glass sector to rise against the market after the year. Yesterday, Jinjing technology was a strong limit. It is understood that some glass manufacturers have begun to raise prices after the year. On February 15, the price of Zhangzhou Qibin and Heyuan Qibin increased by 40 yuan/ton; On the 16th, Jinjing technology thin plate increased by 20 yuan/ton, and thick plate increased by 40 yuan/ton; On the 17th, the price of Shandong Jurun glass began to rise, while other manufacturers in South China and East China are also successively adjusting their prices. Bao Yanxin, an analyst at Orient Securities, said that due to the generally low inventory of glass society before the Spring Festival this year, the seasonal replenishment of inventory by downstream processing enterprises after the Spring Festival will also bring about an increase in glass prices. He predicted that the probability of price increase this year, traders have reduced their quotations more than before, and the range is expected to be yuan, but imagine/heavy box. However, as the market demand in the North has not really started, glass enterprises in Shahe area, Hebei Province are still waiting and waiting, and have not yet raised prices. Around the Lantern Festival, with the return of migrant workers and the start of real estate construction, glass demand may have a recovery process from south to north, and the degree of recovery of demand will determine whether glass prices can rise effectively. After a long period of gloom, this year may be the year when the glass industry bottoms out. At present, the Pb valuation of the glass industry is at the bottom of history, and the increase lags behind other cyclical products. Bao Yanxin predicted that the increase in the price of glass after the festival may bring opportunities for valuation and repair of glass stocks. It is suggested that the impact testing machine be mainly divided into: semi-automatic impact testing machine, screen display semi-automatic impact testing machine, microcomputer fully automatic impact testing machine, microcomputer fully automatic feeding impact testing machine, Jinjing technology, CSG A and Qibin group. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors, especially those who have difficulties in sample notch manufacturing, operate accordingly at their own risk

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