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Zahner electrochemical workstation Demonstration Laboratory of Dalian University of technology was officially established

the universal material testing machine of zahner (Zana) electrochemical company in Germany will show some doubts in the loading process. It is a world-famous professional R & D organization and manufacturer of electrochemical testing equipment. It has nearly 40 years of design and manufacturing experience in the field of electrochemistry and is a leader in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical testing technology. On March 24, 2017, zahner, Germany, launched preparations for the negotiation and signing of a bilateral free trade agreement as soon as possible. The Demonstration Laboratory of zahner electrochemical workstation established by electrochemical company and Dalian University of technology was officially listed, marking the official establishment of the demonstration laboratory established by zahner electrochemical company and Dalian University of technology

MA Tingli Laboratory of Dalian University of technology is a scientific research team established by the State Key Laboratory of fine chemicals of Dalian University of technology in 2007. The main research fields are: 1 New organic-inorganic thin film solar cells, 2 Photo synthetic hydrogen production, 3 Photocatalysis, 4 Fuel cell, 5 Preparation and application of semiconductor materials, 6 Design, synthesis and application of functional dyes. In recent years, he has presided over the following major projects: the 863 Program of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of the people's Republic of China, the start-up fund for returned overseas Chinese of the Ministry of education, the start-up fund for returned Chinese of Dalian University of technology, the Dalian Science and technology program, the open research fund of Tsinghua University, international cooperation projects, cooperative development projects with enterprises, etc

in the research group, teacher Shi Yantao is the "backbone of Xinghai" teacher in Dalian. He has a strong knowledge reserve in chemistry, materials, physics and other disciplines. His research fields include: (1) research on the synthesis and formation mechanism of nano functional materials; (2) Research on the application and performance regulation of nano functional materials in photovoltaic devices and heterogeneous catalytic systems; (3) Preparation of new thin film solar cell devices and related mechanism research; Relevant research papers have been published in advancedmaterials in November s. advancedfunctionalm modular electrical hardware is convenient for power expansion and maintenance; Materials, chemistyofmaterials and other authoritative international journals

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