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Singapore news on July 28, 2005 in China and Southeast Asia, due to the calm market and the unchanged price of imported recycled paper, small and medium-sized factories have actually stopped buying, only the minimum orders placed by some large buyers to meet the basic needs of production

in China, frequent power outages have exacerbated this sluggish demand. As expected, the scorching heat wave in summer has led to a sharp increase in the power consumption of air conditioners, which has forced some factories to shut down

however, in the United States, Europe and Japan, since only a small amount of recycled paper is available for export, the two countries also exchange foreign students seasonally, and the decline helps to maintain price stability. Since the hurricane season came in June, the overall anti overload capacity of the United States has greatly reduced the roadside collection of recycled paper due to the storm

in some parts of Japan, the rainy season of heavy rain continues until September, and the collection of old newspapers (ONP) becomes so slow that it can only meet domestic demand, which means that there is a gap in the production market of Japanese old newspapers (ONP, whose design meets the output requirements of components)

most recycled paper suppliers expect the market to remain calm in the near future, but hope that demand should begin to improve in the second half of August, as many buyers begin to return from vacation

information source: China packaging

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