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OMA member companies demonstrate engine technology at the world mobile communication conference

please feel the power of open standards in the wireless field at the world's largest industry exhibition

at the world mobile communication conference (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain this year, 10 member companies from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) will bring unique live demonstrations. In hall 8.1 exhibition area and stand K52, members of the alliance will demonstrate how products and businesses developed based on OMA standards help them achieve market success, and help them still lead the technology trend in the market where M2M and IOT technology are rapidly developing towards real mobile integration

with the rapid growth of M2M technology market, OMA has formulated a new communication agreement to make the pendulum in the lead vertical position M2M (lightweight M2M, lwm2m). This protocol realizes the communication between the lwm2m client installed in a large number of M2M devices and its corresponding M2M management platform. Member companies will demonstrate how they use the lwm2m protocol at this year's conference. Smith Micro demonstrated how to use the lwm2m engine on their text oriented marketing platform (NetWise captitave). This platform helps you find real-time information and user intention by cooperating with the expert system on the user's device, so as to realize customized marketing activities. As the key engine of this system, lwm2m adds modularity and configurability to the setting of activities. Netcomm wireless will demonstrate how their M2M LTE router drives the embedded lwm2m client and realizes remote device management through the open lwm2m server

redbend will demonstrate their over the air software management platform designed for the automotive, IOT and mobile industries, reflecting the practical value of OMA engine in the automotive industry. This demonstration will highlight the smart Delta and VI of redbend core. In a short time, we also need to do a good job in promoting biodegradable plastics. The rtualization technology, as well as the OMA standards used, Fumo, SCOMO and virmo. On the basis of software management, OEMs can improve production efficiency and reduce recall costs, while car dealers save time and money, while mobile network operators (MNOS) can provide relevant services based on the existing OMA device management (oma-dm) infrastructure

in order to demonstrate OMA's revolutionary new standard gotapi, OMA member Vuzix will transfer video and voice files from its M100 smart glasses to the remote PC browser window on site. The gotapi framework allows page based APIs (such as Vuzix M100) on smart devices to operate seamlessly on different platforms and operating systems. Developers can make relatively simple use of intelligent devices in this open architecture, but at the same time, they can increase market penetration

comverse will bring another OMA API demonstration to show how to build a bridge between IOT and 4G Mobile, so that mobile operators can use rich communication suite (RCS) network API to benefit from M2M services in their networks

mformation will demonstrate its unique large-scale high-performance IOT management solution based on the standardized equipment management platform (impact) that Liaoning will accelerate the development of the new material industry. This platform can realize main device activation and configuration, software upgrade and remote diagnosis on billions of connected M2M devices widely used in the industry. The equipment managed is distributed in different industries. The impact solution supports multiple oma4 and high-speed experimental data collection engines, including OMA lwm2m and device management (oma-dm) architecture, to realize the management of cloud based services and the transmission of key operator functions

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